Al Obaidani International LLC

Having won the hearts of Omanis and Arabs of the neighbouring countries Al-Obaidani International LLC is committed to turning their 'passion to succeed' into diversified group of related businesses. The company caters to the following three major segments in the tailored-garment market:

Government of Oman: The company built its reputation by manufacturing and supplying uniforms and accessories to meet the stringent standards set by the Government of Oman defence forces.

Corporate Houses: Major corporate houses in the field of hospitality, oil refining, automobile, electricity generation & distribution and general process industries find their clothing solution with Al-Obaidani.

International Markets: After having established a strong foothold in the local markets Al-Obaidani is forging ahead to carve a niche for itself in the International tailored-garment market and is working towards exporting fashion garments to The United States and Europe.

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