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Today, Al-Obaidani is a familiar name to Omanis of all ages, cutting across various strata of Omani society. Here is a glance into the history of the company known for its generations-long involvement in weaving, tailoring and bespoke garment making.

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

In the year 1964, guided by his expertise in garment cutting, a passionate Salim Al-Obaidani established the first retail tailoring shop in Hamriya, the heart of Muscat's garment market. Importing carefully selected spun polyester fabric, an obsession of Omanis for their Dishdashas, from Japan and giving exemplary customised tailoring service to the quality conscious gentlemen of Muscat.

Chapter 2: Turning Point

The year 2002 was a turning point as Al-Obaidani was chartered by the Royal Government of Oman for their custom-made garment requirements. Al-Obaidani was also chartered to supply finished garments and accessories for the following forces:

Ministry of Defence:

  • Royal Army of Oman
  • Royal Air Force of Oman
  • Ministry of Defence Engineering Services

Royal Court Affairs:

  • Royal Cavalry
  • Royal Security
  • Royal Camel Corps
  • Royal Transport
  • Royal Household
  • Royal Yachts

Independent Security Agencies:

  • Royal Guard of Oman
  • Sultan's Special Force

Chapter 3: The Present Day

The single shop venture started in 1964 has grown into a chain of 20 retail outlets spread across the Sultanate serving quality conscious Omani gentlemen with custom made Dishdashas, made by trained crafts men in a 250 men strong modern factory located near Halban. The flagship Company Al Obaidani International LLC serves the Armed Forces, Royal Court Affairs and the Corporate sector out of its 18 large, medium and small production facilities located in Muscat and other parts of the country providing employment to over 350 craftsmen and Managers.

Apart from the traditional textile and garment trade, the group have also diversified into Logistics, Civil Engineering, Ship repair, Marine & Allied services and Information Technology, managed by individual companies within the group.

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